The best way to find out about MCS is to visit us. 

We offer Open Mornings and Afternoons throughout the year, so that parents and their children can get a real taste of life at MCS, see our facilities, meet staff and current pupils, and ask questions.

Dates for 2019 and 2020

Whole School Open Morning

Saturday 14th September 2019, 9.30am-12 noon

There is no need to book for this event

At our Open Morning prospective pupils can take part in many of the extra-curricular activities on offer. There are opportunities to see our sports, music, drama and art departments in action, meet teachers and pupils and enjoy tours of the school. We welcome the whole family and activities are suitable for a wide range of ages. A variety of refreshments are also available. There is no need to book and you are free to drop in during the course of the morning. 

Junior School

Friday 11th October 2019, 9.30-11am

Friday 8th November 2019, 9.30-11am

Friday 20th March 2020, 9.30-11am

Friday 19th June 2020, 9.30-11am

Click here to book a Junior School Open Morning

Senior School

Tuesday 8th October 2019, 5.30-7pm (Year 7 and Year 9 only)

Thursday 12th March 2020, 2.30-4.30pm (Senior School and Sixth Form)

Tuesday 23rd June 2020, 2.30-4.30pm (Senior School and Sixth Form)

Click here to book a Senior School Open event

Sixth Form

Tuesday 24th September, 5.30-7pm

Click here to book a Sixth Form Open Evening

Junior School Open Mornings, Senior School Open events and Sixth Form Open Evenings offer the opportunity to see the school in action on a normal working day; booking is required for these as we aim to keep them more intimate. They begin with a talk by the Master followed by a tour of the school and tea with the Master, the Usher, Heads of Departments, Housemasters, Tutors and the Registrar.

Directions: Our postcode for SatNav users is OX4 1DZ. Alternatively you can click here for a link to Google Maps.

Parking is very limited on site, but please do contact us if you need access arrangements. St Clement's and Union St car parks with limited parking are a short walk away (directions are available here). Visitors can also use Thornhill Park and Ride which will get you closest to MCS. 

For information about Park and Ride bus stops click here.

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