In the Sixth Form, the main focus is on teaching beyond the syllabus and the formation of habits of mind for life. 

  • Pupils study four subjects in the Lower Sixth and at least three subjects to A-Level in the Upper Sixth.*
  • Approximately 50% of Sixth Formers choose to continue with all four subjects in the Upper Sixth, and some study more in accordance with their interests and aptitude.
  • Sixth Formers enjoy a bespoke curriculum with the timetable being freshly constructed each year around the academic wishes of the pupils.
  • Subjects which might count against an applicant to top universities are generally avoided and there is a considerable emphasis on opportunities beyond the syllabus.

*All A Levels are now reformed, linear courses. Pupils sit an internal exam in the summer of the Lower Sixth; pupils do not take an AS Level exam in these subjects, even if they are dropping the subject at the end of the Lower Sixth. (See Sixth Form curriculum section for more details.)

Find out more about the Sixth Form curriculum.

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